For my prediploma in 2016, I developed 4 infographics in the style of oldfashioned school-wall-charts.


All 3487 exoplanets, which have been cataloged till may 2016, are pictured to scale. The ones with unknown size have got their average from the ones with known size. 49 of the most remarkables got their own profile with dates like their interpretation of data (conservative or optimistic), their name, their class, their central star, their constellation, their earth similarity index and their (average) distance to earth.

Icy Moons

The Icy-Moon-Graphic shows the compression and streching of icy moons and the resulting frictional heat. Furthermore it gives a quick overview about some celestial bodies in our solar system, which may be home to subglacial oceans. These oceans could contain big amounts of liquid water and therfore fulfill one requirement for the search of extraterrestrial life.

Pedigree of Life

My attempt of an innovative and new presentation of the classic pedigree of the evolution

The evolution of life on earth

An Illustration about the evolution of life on earth from simple organic compunds over multicellular organisms through to modern human.