The First Years

The continuation of my project about

the colonization of Webb-372995 (AB)

„We noticed it at the little creek in area 24.

John saw it on the radar and tried to call us, but the fog blocked the signal.

Kuvo was a kilometer further west, so the best for him was to search shelter in 4.

I started to run back to 2, where john waited.

It was a close call…

Maran out.“


– Log-231.5

„Last second evening, out at station 8, we witnessed it again.

It must be some kind of phenomenon of the upper atmosphere.

We don´t know if its meteorological or astrological, or how it can be predicted.

We only know, that it has something to do with the moon’s light and that it is amazingly beautiful.

It looks like a mixture of earth’s rainbows and its aurorae.

Azikiwe out.“


– Log 223.4

„I think we have it. Maran out.“


- Log 237.11